Four buses left Turkey, but they crossed the border with Bulgaria at different times because some of the passengers insisted on going shopping, and this is exactly the reason why the convoy split.

Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska in an interview with Telma TV points out the details that the owner of “Besa Trans” revealed to the prosecutors about the fatal bus accident.

She says he was one of the drivers.

In fact, the owner was also a second driver. He said that this bus was driving behind them. So they had already arrived at the border crossing in Bulgaria, after leaving Turkey, and these were one or two buses behind them. Then he told me that he and his wife were in that second bus, while his children were in the fourth, Ruskoska said.

According to her, the owner was visibly upset and shaken.

I asked him if they were carrying spare cans of fuel, he said there was no way it could happen, said Ruskoska, who added that she had asked passengers if it was possible they were carrying something, but the owner was adamant it did not happen.

45 people died and 7 were injured when “Besa Trans” bus caught fire and crashed on the Struma highway in Bulgaria on November 23.