Organized crime prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska said she will investigate the financial situation of Skopje’s Appeals Court justices. The threat comes after the court approved the release of Katica Janeva into house arrest, despite her holding a very powerful position until very recently, and being in a position to destroy evidence and intimidate witnesses.

We had a negative opinion on Janeva’s request to be released from detention. We will initiate a financial investigation into the judicial council which made the decision. We can’t join the EU with judges like these, Ruskoska told the A1on news site.

Despite her tought talk, Ruskoska famously dragged her heels before charging Janeva in the racketeering scandal, allowing her months of head start to try and destroy evidence such as her order to format the computers in her SPO office, hide her phones and possibly intimidate witnesses. Ruskoska eventually succumbed to public pressure and charged Janeva in August. All this prompted allegations that the investigation is more of a cover up, meant to protect the high level political officials who were involved in Janeva’s racketeering.