The DKSK Anti-Corruption Commission announced it is investigating Lidija Dimova, head of the public agency tasked with cooperating with the EU on student mobility. DKSK already forwarded its findings to the financial police and the Government, as well as to European Union authorities – given the nature of Dimova’s position.

According to the allegations, Dimova had a number of financial irregularities in her work and this was confirmed by an audit ordered by the Education Ministry. The Ministry also forwarded a separate set of charges to state prosecutors. One of the issues is Dimova’s decision to sign 107 contracts with external advisers, with serious defects in the procedure. Dimova is an outspoken supporter of the ruling SDSM party and a former leftist NGO activist, who was vocal during the 2015 Colored Revolution. The National agency for European educational programs and mobility mainly works on implementing the Erasmus program and other European Union educational programs in Macedonia.

The Anti-Corruption Commission also announced that it is investigating violations of procedure during the appointment of the two co-managers of the large FZOM public healthcare fund. Both Den Doncev and Orhan Ramadani were appointed with faulty procedures, DKSK found. Earlier this year Doncev was interrogated by the police over allegations that he was extorting money from a dialysis provider.