The “Student Resistance” movement demands a meeting with the Minister of Education and Science and their representatives to be included in the working bodies that make decisions in the interest of students.

In a statement to the media, “Student Resistance,” expresses dissatisfaction with the institutions and, as it states, “their ignorant, disinterested attitude towards students, which has been continuously increasing over the years, and especially in the past months.”

According to the statement, they do not intend to give up until their demands are fully fulfilled and they will strive to achieve the goals “using all available mechanisms and means”.

In addition to requesting a meeting with the minister and inclusion in working bodies, “Student Resistance” requests an equalization of the scholarships (retroactive payment and a new annex to the contracts) and an increase in the daily amount of the subsidized student meal to 160 denars.

The demands also include digitization and abolition of the so-called hidden costs of faculties; free/subsidized intercity transportation for students; precise deadlines for the start and realization of the announced reconstruction of the student dormitories; scholarship for students on second cycle studies; modernization of the laboratories of the natural and technical faculties and precise deadlines for starting and realizing the construction of the buildings of the Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering and the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Health.