On Friday at noon the employees of the Macedonian Customs will start a protest, which will turn into general strike, if their salaries are not raised, the Union of Trade Unions informed on Wednesday, adding that this  is only the beginning of a very long and hot summer, filled with protests and strikes in all state institutions.

” The Macedonian Custom’s employees have not received the bonuses for complicated work conditions of 30% of their salaries, although they are legally entitled to them. The Minister of Finances raised his salary for exactly the same 30%, while depriving the employees of their legal rights. The protest on Friday is a warning from the employees of thee Customs, an institution that fills 51% of the State Budget, and yet their salaries have never been raised. We know that there is a new manager since Monday, but we don’t care, our demands have been the same for years”, the Union of Trade Unions pointed out.

The Unions also warned that if their demands are not met, they will radicalize the strike and close the country’ borders.