Republika provided the document that the lawyer of the convicted former Director of the Public Security Bureau (BJB) Mitko Cavkov, Sasko Dukovski, delivered to the court, which confirms that Cavkov does not own “a villa, or a pigeon house, or a sheepfold” in Chalkidiki.

Dukovski delivered Monday a statement from the Chalkidiki Cadastre. It confirms that Cavkov does not own property on the Greek peninsula, which was one of the foundations for determining this measure.

He added that for his client, who was unjustly sentenced to 18 years in prison, there are two security measures, a confiscated passport and an obligation to appear in court, and a high active guarantee of 600 thousand euros in real estate was offered.

Dukovski is sure that the court will reject Cavkov’s appeal but stressed that the case will end in the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The decision will be announced additionally.