The police operation in Ljuboten, which in no way differs from the police operations in Lazarat or the CIA in Colombia, during Pablo Escobar’s time, for example, comes in exactly the same time when the public is growing dissatisfied, and the discontent of the international community of the government’s behavior is increasing. It cannot be said that the dissatisfaction is with the failure to implement the reforms, because they are not in the beginning, but we can say with Zoran Zaev’s steps to implement absolute power.

This time victims are residents of the Skopje village of Ljuboten.

In recent days, the government has received more slaps – from home, from abroad, from “our friends and partners from the international community”.

A scandal was revealed in connection to the violent mayor Kurto Dudus and the attempt by Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski to cover up the case. Zaev is still silent about the beatings.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev carried out the announced purge – he named himself Minister of Finance. Finance Minister Tevdovski left, and Angjusev, the minister who awarded tenders for personal gain, stayed.

Thimonier asked why is everybody pushing on a date to open EU accession talks given all the problems, and continued to point out to a list including the actions of the Mayor of Struga, the danger that UNESCO revokes its World heritage status for the Ohrid region, the way school principals are appointed, and numerous other examples of malfunctions in the Macedonian society. He said that Macedonia should not be isolated from the EU, but it can’t expect to get an easy pass, and noted that previous times, when unearned enlargement was approved, was as a mistake.

Today, the response from the “major German investment” arrived, which the government must have already known – Volkswagen disqualified Macedonia, so it will invest in Turkey or Bulgaria.

So much from the shining of Zaev’s government. We shine, but as if have been blinded by the shine, so no one can see the glow. But can feel the consequences. After every debacle of the government, we feel the consequences. When the operation in Ljuboten will end as if Spasovski had conquered Lazarat, the government would go on holiday, and after that – as if nothing had happened. So will he, the absolute ruler Zoran Zaev act. But will the people forget that Zaev implements communist methods of intimidation instead of reforms?