The Ministry of Interior led by Oliver Spasovski, concluded an agreement according to which it will buy vehicle tires for double the price that every citizen would pay when they buy the same tires. Usually the logic in public contracts and wholesale procurement is that the price paid by one institution is far lower than the price of the same product in retail, but here not only is the price not lower, but it is twice as high, Igor Janusev, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE told a press conference on Thursday. 

Janusev said the contract worth almost 1.5 million euros, and tires that cost 3.600 denars are procured by the Ministry of Interior for 8,950 denars, and added there are 750,000 euros more than the normal earnings in the procurement of the Ministry of Interior, ie money that the state will pay unnecessarily, and will end up in someone’s pocket.

Janusev asked where should the difference of 750,000 euros end up and called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation and investigate the case.

Citizens’ money must not be used to pay for procurement twice as expensive as the market prices. This is a pure robbery that must be sanctioned, and those responsible must be held accountable. 4 years of Zaev’s rule, 4 years of robberies. 4 years of stolen life, he added.