Bulgarian historian and diplomat Angel Dimitrov, who is co-chairman of the committee of historians between Bulgaria and Macedonia, reacted to Zoran Zaev’s BGNES interview by insisted that now an actual legally binding document will be necessary. In the interview, Zaev practically agreed to all demands from Bulgaria – revising the Bulgarian role in the Second World War, blurring the distinction between the two nations, and accepting to penalize individuals in Macedonia who speak otherwise.

The interview of the Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev could be part of a game at the political scene. What Zaev said needs to be introduced into an official document which will clearly outline the news positions that are in line with the 2017 Friendship treaty, Dimitrov said.

Zaev has denied that Bulgaria wants an annex to the 2017 treaty, but the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party said that Bulgaria witnessed the concessions Zaev gave to Greece, under the Prespa treaty, and wants to dictate similar changes to laws and even the Constitution. Dimitrov confirmed that this is the thinking in Bulgaria, but also added that it’s unclear if Zaev can deliver on this demand, given his very narrow majority in the Parliament and the disruptions in his own SDSM aprty.