Kovacevski is ignoring the people by running away from the referendum, and does nothing about the energy crisis, only raises prices, VMRO-DPMNE reacted.

It is appalling that Kovacevski persistently lies to the people that language and identity are protected with the negotiating framework, and it actually gives Bulgaria the opportunity if the Commission for Historical Issues does not agree on a specific issue, to block us, i.e. to veto our EU path, until the Bulgarian ultimatum is fulfilled. What does that mean? This means that the attitudes regarding history must be equated with the Bulgarian view, and we see that it denies the language and the nation, so we have a block about which nothing is written in the frame, but which would happen if the Constitution was changed and started with negotiation on Bulgarian terms. In the end, all this will result in complete Bulgarianization, says the party.

Kovacevski knows all this, but he is consciously pushing Bulgarianization, just to stay in power for one more day. This is exactly why a referendum is needed, which will prevent this betrayal directed by Kovacevski and Pendarovski, the opposition party added.