Dimitar Kovacevski missed another chance to distance himself from Zaev, and instead he praised him and is proud of him, VMRO DPMNE reacted to the Sitel interview with the new leader of SDSM.

Tonight, Dimitar Kovacevski admitted that it is a continuation of the Zaevism. The same pale policies in the economic field and in the energy sector will continue again as in the time of Zaev. With Kovacevski are the people of Zaev, Zecevic, Lukarevska, Bogoev, Kostadinov, Kaevski, Bytyqi, almost 90% of the top leadership, said VMRO DPMNE.

According to VMRO-DPMNE, Kovacevski tonight abolished Zaev for bad policies, for 60,000 people who lost their jobs, for 5,600 closed companies, for the ten times more expensive electricity we pay, for racketeering and crime.

Not distancing himself from Zaev is proof that he will only continue his policies, according to VMRO-DPMNE.