VMRO-DPMNE through a parliamentary procedure demands an increase of pensions by 20% and harmonization of salaries in accordance with the ratio of job difficulty.

VMRO-DPMNE yesterday submitted a legal decision to increase pensions by 20%. We estimate that pensioners will be helped in the period of crisis, and their income will be in line with the increased cost of living. Additionally, we propose harmonization of wages with the minimum wage and the ratio of job difficulty in the public sector, a solution that we offer with an amendment to the Law on Minimum Wage. With that, the teachers in the primary and secondary schools will receive a salary of 45 thousand denars, said the party.

The major crisis caused by SDSM can be overcome only with a general increase in salaries and pensions. This will reverse the damage caused by the crisis and preserve the real value of income, the party added.