Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi rejects the possibility of convening Parliament for ratification of the NATO Protocol after it will already be dissolved in accordance with the deadline for early elections scheduled for April 12.

Xhaferi said in an interview with the Macedonian Radio Television that the Electoral Code provides 60 days for conducting the election. According to him, one cannot make an analogy for the parliamentary election with the presidential election, whose her term of office ends on any basis, the Constitution provides 40 days.

When the Constitution and the law make it possible for Parliament to function as a technical body, it can certainly be implemented. The Constitution and the law do not provide for a technical Parliament. By dissolving, the MPs and the Parliament decide to return the mandate to the citizens and go to the polls and seek a new mandate. The Parliament has no mandate since the decision to dissolve, he said.

According to him, a dissolved Parliament cannot be convened and if they go against what is laid down, there is, as he said, a risk of falling in the Constitutional Court if someone takes the initiative.

Xhaferi said he was has information that the ratification procedure in France should be completed this month.

The Speaker of Parliament also said that changing the electoral model is a matter of political debate and that it requires consensus and overcoming political differences.