Zoran Zaev stepped in to defend his member of Parliament Pavle Bogoevski, saying that his drug use is his own, personal matter. Bogoevski, who was the leader of the Colored Revolution ostensibly put in place to demand accountability from politicians, was recorded ordering what appears to have been cocaine from his dealer, but refuses to step down.

I’m a transparent man, I called directors and managers to accountability, I’m preparing to make additional changes. What happens in the private life of a person has no reflection on his public office and for me that is his personal right how he will act. As a party we say that his own private right is his own personal responsibility, He works successfully in Parliament, he is an active member of committees, Zaev said.

The Prime Minister also subscribed to Bogoevski’s defense that he was not purchasing cocaine, but cannabis oil for his sick sister.

Bogoevski is in charge of the committee which revokes immunity for members of Parliament and as a Colored Revolution leader he is the first to demand that opposition members of Parliament are sent to prison, for whatever charges. Although his party was brought to power with the help of illegally recorded wiretaps, Bogoevski also demanded that state prosecutors go against a taxi driver he believes secretly recorded him ordering drugs from his dealer. Judging by the tone of the conversation and the prices involved, it is widely believed that he was buying cocaine for himself.