VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski criticized Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for using the advice of the fake Poroshenko, who in a telephone conversation advised him to use the Stalinist method “It does not matter how people vote, it is important how the votes are counted.”

A comedian calls Zoran Zaev posing as former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, quoting Stalin! Note, the Ukrainian president quotes Stalin as advice, Stalin – the man responsible for the death of about five million Ukrainians! And Zaev is not suspicious of this. And at the same time the Ukrainian president is currently having an acute problem with Moscow. And again it does not seem suspicious to Zoran Zaev. Zoran Zaev does not have elementary knowledge about the position he performs. Even more horrible, the Stalinist advice that Zaev receives with pleasure, and I quote:

“As one of our politicians says: It does not matter how citizens vote, it is important how the votes are counted.”

Zaev: “Yes, yes, yes, yes …”

“I hope this advice will help you!” says fake Poroshenko.

Zaev: “YES, IT WILL HELP ME FOR SURE,!” says Stoilkovski.

According to him, Zaev agrees with the Stalinist method for counting voices in conversation in the pre-referendum period, Zaev agrees with Stalin’s thoughts “IT IS ENOUGH FOR PEOPLE TO KNOW THAT ELECTIONS WERE HELD. PEOPLE WHO VOTE DO NOT DECIDE ANYTHING. THE PEOPLE WHO COUNT THE VOTES DECIDE ON EVERYTHING “.