Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in his Monday’s brief conversation with the AFP news agency, revealed, that there are contacts between official Skopje and official Athens for the exchange of monuments and other works that in the country associated with the Hellenic culture from the ancient period.

There are initiatives for institutional exchange of monuments, such as the exchange of gifts between two friendly countries, he added, without further explaining his response. According to the Prespa Agreement, Skopje is required to reconsider the status of monuments originating from Greek history. Zaev told AFP that metal placards will be placed in front of some locations to “clarify that it is part of the global cultural heritage”.

A month ago, the Government of Skopje and Greek Minister of Culture Mirsini Zorba denied information published in the Greek media, according to which the monument “Warrior on a Horse” would go to Athens, and the Athenian “The Runner” to arrive in Skopje. This information for the media was published by the sculptor of “The Runner”, Costas Varosos.