GERB MP, Ekaterina Zaharieva indicated that with the signing of the protocol, historical issues are part of the negotiating framework, along with the sanctioning of hate speech and other Bulgarian demands. According to her, the most important thing is that Bulgaria still does not recognize the Macedonian language and calls it the “official language according to the Constitution”. Her comment was given to the Bulgarian “BNT”.

It is important to say that with this approval we do not recognize the Macedonian language, but continue to use the formula introduced in 1999, the official language according to the country’s constitution. In addition, our requests to stop hate speech, strengthen bilateral cooperation and implement the decisions of the historical commission, include Bulgarians in the Macedonian constitution, become part of the negotiating framework, Zaharieva pointed out.

Regarding the Macedonian language, Zaharieva said once again: “It has differences, but it was written in 1945, based on the Bulgarian dialect.