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Macedonia 16.07.20 | 09:18

More than 31.000 ballots were thrown out as invalid

The State Electoral Commission informed that out of the approximately 927.000 ballots, 31.107 were invalid, with a small portion of votes left to count. Before the elections, activists from the ruling SDSM party were pushing a social media campaign to get opposition activists to spoil their ballots....

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 08:47

Electoral Commission preliminary projection shows SDSM lead by two seats in a hung Parliament

After hours of confusion caused by an apparent hacking attack, the Macedonian State Electoral Commission issued its preliminary projection of seats after the early general elections. According to the SEC, the SDSM – BESA lead coalition will have 46 seats, while the VMRO-DPMNE led coalition will...

Macedonia 16.07.20 | 02:04

Electoral Commission gives up, won’t announce final results this evening

After technical difficulties which raised speculations about the conduct of the elections, the State Electoral Commission announced that it will not give its final results and projection of seats this evening and will leave it for tomorrow. SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE seem to be virtually tied, with the leftist...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:46

Derkoski: It’s a dead heat

State Electoral Commission President Oliver Derkoski said that the race between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM is a dead heat. Derkoski held a brief press conference to discuss the attack on the SEC website which prevented the publication of results. When asked about the results, Derkoski said that he would rather...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:42

Electoral Commission results indicate hung Parliament

The State Electoral Commission has failed to inform the public through its website about up to date election results. The site crashed shortly after voting ended, and SEC head Oliver Derkoski now said that it was a case of an outside attack. Through other means, the SEC is announcing a razor thin lead...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 23:09

VMRO leads SDSM in the first three districts, tied in the fourth, down in the fifth

Projection from the early election results published by the parties show that VMRO-DPMNE is in a lead in three of the six electoral districts and tied in the fourth. VMRO has the highest lead in the 3rd district, where it stands to win 12 seats to 8 for SDSM. The 1st and the 2nd district should also...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 21:43

Pendarovski urges the parties to congratulate each other

President Stevo Pendarovski said that the elections were conducted in a democratic and calm atmosphere, with protection of the health of the voters, given the coronavirus threat. We are one of the five or six countries conducting elections during the epidemic and everybody has to be protected, primarily...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 21:29

Kasami says that the vote for BESA and SDSM is a vote for EU membership

BESA party leader Bilal Kasami, who campaigned together with SDSM and lead the joint list in the 6th district, said that the elections are a “golden opportunity to continue on the Euro-Atlantic path”. Kasami, who raised the question over how loyal he will be to SDSM once in the Parliament,...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 21:17

Mickoski: The voters opted for change

Voters turned out in large numbers, and from what we could observe, the people are anxious for a change, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski when he voted in Skopje’s Vlae district. The statement, along with those of other politicians, were embargoed due to the electoral silence laws until...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 21:11

Voting ends, turnout barely over 50 percent

Voting ended in the early general elections in Macedonia at 21h, after 14 hours during which citizens voted under masks, with numerous coronavirus safety precautions. Turnout rose barely over 50 percent with half an hour to go – the State Electoral Commission said that it was at 50.84 percent at...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:47

Turnout reaches 45.7 percent after 12 hours of voting

The State Electoral Commission revealed the turnout figures at 19h – overall it stands at 45.74 percent, with a notable difference between the east and the west of the country. The eastern, largely rural 3rd and 4th district broke through the 50 percent mark and had turnout rates of 51.5 and 53.2...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:41

Turnout projected to be lower due to fatigue and coronavirus fears

Comparison of electoral turnout between the last general elections in 2016, and the 2020 early elections, shows a significant drop.  During the 2016 elections, which were exceptionally high turnout due to the heated political crisis turnout at 17h was 60.38 percent. This time around, it’s just...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:23

One and a half hours to go

Voting has been going on since 7 in the morning across Macedonia, in the early general elections, and polls close in one and a half hours, at 21h. The latest turnout numbers, reported by the State Electoral Commission, stood at 38.78 percent, significantly lower than the corresponding turnout in the...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 19:02

Derkoski: The elections are largely orderly, there are minor issues and they are being resolved

State Electoral Commission President Oliver Derkoski said that the elections are being conducted largely orderly, with small incidents being reported. I expect that by the end of the day the voters will legitimize the future Government as well as the entire electoral process, Derkoski said. The turnout...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 17:29

Election day police report: Several arrests, voting briefly interrupted in two locations

The Interior Ministry reported that it intervened in dozens of instances across the country, with some of the main irregularities including a chain voting attempt in Bitola, voters caught photographing ballots and several interruptions in the voting. A ballot stuffing report was made in the village of...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 17:16

Veles man tried to bribe a sick person to vote with a 1,000 denars

Veles police intervened when a citizen reported that a man offered a 1.000 denars to his sick relative to vote for a party. The officers seized the money and are questioning everybody involved. The incident was reported by the guardian of the sick person.

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 16:17

Turnout in Kriva Palanka already surpassed 50 percent

Even with five hours to spare, more than half of the citizens of Kriva Palanka have already voted. The results for 15h showed that the turnout in the mining, border-side city was at 50.68 percent. This is in line with the trend of high turnout voting in the east of Macedonia, but even compared to other...

Macedonia 15.07.20 | 16:10

High turnout in the east, dismal in the north-west

The State Electoral Commission held a press conference to announce the latest turnout numbers, which are also updated live at rezultati.sec.mk. By 15h, overall turnout amounted to 31.78 percent, or over 576.500 voters. By electoral districts, the 1st district, covering much of Skopje urban areas as well...

Macedonia 14.07.20 | 21:09

Amid election silence, alleys in Leskoec are being paved in an attempt to gather votes

Day before election day and in the midst of election silence, smaller alleys on “Rasanec” street in Leskoec are being paved, Ohrid24 reported. Unlike these freshly paved alleys, the alleys across and slightly below, where residents did not promise to vote for a certain party, are unpaved.

Life 14.07.20 | 16:33

July 15, non-working day for all citizens due to elections

In line with the conclusion adopted at the government’s 74th session, July 15 has been declared a state holiday to hold early parliamentary election and employees will not be required to work extra hours as a result, the government said in a press release on Tuesday. Institutions, enterprises and organizations...