The Academic Cultural and Art Group ‘Mirce Acev’ could not get an available term at the MNT for the celebration of its 70th anniversary. Previously, a performance of the “Mirce Acev” choir was also rejected for the same reasons.

‘Mirce Acev’ manager Blagoja Jovanovski told “Republika” that they have been rejected by the theater and the Philharmonic.

The choir held the celebration at the Museum of National Struggle, and the anniversary will be celebrated at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. MNT told us that there was no term available, and then that they hadn’t enough people to serve us. They didn’t tell us how much to pay for those people, we would pay via invoice, maybe they were expecting some cash-in-hand, says Jovanovski.

The “Shverceri” football group, fans of the Shkupi team, celebrated its anniversary in MNT on Friday.