The Government’s  2020-2024 program envisages the government to cooperate with the private sector and encourage it to support and promote good interethnic relations and tolerance, in order to create a positive working environment, in terms of utilizing that overall human potential in the economy, said Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi in an interview with RFE.

Let me immediately distinguish what is important, because I see that a lot of activities have been created in the public on this topic, so in the economy, not only in our country, but in the whole world, the quality will be above all, it will be determining, and we believe, I personally believe that citizens regardless of their ethnicity have their own qualities as individuals and professionals. The idea of this is that as such values exist in the European Union, diversity should be one of the values. As there are in global companies, let’s take for example Google in which the CEO is from India, so here diversity will be only a positive value in our economy and it should come from the needs of the market, said the minister.