Electricity will become cheaper for households in the first and second block, and more expensive for the third and fourth. There will also be a price reduction for small consumers, announced Marko Bislimoski, president of the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia, at a press conference Wednesday.

The price of electricity for households for the first block decreases by 4.11 percent, for the second block by 2.95 percent, for the third block it is corrected and increases by 0.85 percent, and for the fourth block it increases by 7.65 percent.

The increase in VAT from 5 to 10 percent has been calculated in the new price of electricity valid as of January 1.

In order not to feel the effect of the VAT increase, we reduced the prices in the first and second blocks, said Bislimovski, informing that the demands of the energy companies were partially accepted, as well as that there were correction factors that they implemented in the decision.