The cheap tariff of 0.6 denars increases to 1.3 denars, they forgot to say that more than twice. And now when every single citizen calculates how many kilowatt hours he spends in the cheap, and how much in one of the blocks, you will see that the bill with the added plus 5% value added tax will be at least 20% higher. But as of January 1, all citizens will see and experience it. They forgot to say that, it is nowhere, not even in the announcement of the Regulatory Commission that the low tariff of 0.6 denars will become 1.3 denars, suddenly increasing by 200 percent. That is nowhere to be found, no one is saying that, stated the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, answering a journalist’s question during a visit to Kisela Voda municipality.

Mickoski added that this is so because, in 2021 and 2022, all citizens transferred more than 265 million euros to AD ESM, formerly ELEM, from the state budget. And, only in 2022, including November, excluding December, 180 million euros were transferred. And with December included, it will be more than 200 million euros.

And how does that money go? They are transferred from the state budget to the ESM, and the ESM issues a tender for mining, companies are blackmailed not to apply for that tender for mining, and due to urgency, a contract is signed privately. The same is done with fuel oil, the same is done with imported coal, that is, transport and the same is done with the advance payment of invoices for imported electricity, he concluded.