It’s been 43 days since Bojan Jovanovski was detained and he still has not given a statement before the Public Prosecutor’s Office as the prime suspect in the “Racket” case, VMRO-DPMNE said. The party added that Zaev and the government are desperate to try to cover up the case and hide the involvement of other officials and prosecutors.

There is no greater evidence of the government’s panic than the pressure they exert on the media on a daily basis. Until recently, for Zaev, the democracy of a society depended on freedom of speech and the media. He said that the media should work free from any pressures, and inform the citizens without censorship, and now this is suddenly not the case when something is disclosed that it does not suit the government. If Ruskovska and Jovevski wanted to speed up the investigation they would have summoned for questioning all those involved in the case whose names had been mentioned for four months after this scandalous case was revealed. On the contrary, Jovevski denied the involvement of politicians in the racket, but we see that Zaev warned the defendants, reads the party statement.

VMRO-DPMNE says that by obstructing and delaying investigations, Zaev only buys time.

Citizens, the party underlines, but also the EU ambassadors of the international community are aware that the whole case has turned into a television show where those who need to prosecute the government’s crime are either protecting it or are part of the criminal gang.