A bodyguard employed by Velimir Smilevski, the SDSM elected Mayor of Skopje’s Butel municipality, attacked a municipal employee and beat him unconscious.

The Infomax news site reports that the bodyguard, identified as Moni Vukelj, perpetrated the attack accompanied by his father Agim and a third, still unidentified person. The three attacked the man, identified as A.T., on Tuesday when they met him at the main entrance to the municipal building. A.T. was left unconscious, and was later diagnosed with head injuries. The three attackers fled the scene.

Infomax is reporting that Mayor Smilevski intervened with the police to protect his bodyguard from facing accountability. A number of SDSM party mayors have been involved in violent incidents, most notably the Mayor of Shuto Orizari Kurto udus who was recorded torturing a municipal employee, a case in which the prosecutors are going after the journalist who published the audio tape of the incident.