Up to this moment in history, teo Albanian states are fully legally operative and within the international law – Albia and Kosovo. But, as things stand, another  Albanian state should appear, and that is the one million Albanians living in Macedonia, writes Spartak Ngyella, lawyer and former Minister of Justice of Albania, in his op-ed titled “Will There Be a Third Albanian State in Macedonia?”, published by the Albanian news agency Iliria – INA.

“Will there be a third Albanian State in West Balkan with one million ethnic Albanians, who live in Macedonia? Since the national revival the Albanians are waiting for the revival to become a pan-Albanian reality. It is happening now. The current events in West Balkan benefit the Albanian issue, The crisis in Serbia started because  of the loss of Kosovo, because of the strengthened Albanianism on the Illyrian Peninsula. Everything is favorable for Kosovo and Albania”, Ngyella writes.

He emphasizes that Greece, Monte Negro, Serbia, and Macedonia should very well aware that the Albanian issue is not closed.

“The Albanians exposed to violence in these four countries, will unite within its ethnic territories in a single state: this will be the last battle of the painful Albanian history. Without the Albanian world in West Balkan, America won’t be able to uproot Vladimir Putin and destroy Russia. The process started the war in Ukraine, and Albanians are living in expectation of the destruction of Russia and Serbia. The entire Albanian world in West Balkan iss now waiting for the new Albanian republic in Macedonian. This will be the last Albanian victory over the perennial Slavic occupation”, Ngyela ends his word salad.