Minister of Education and Science Arbr Ademi believes that in the coming period all parameters and data will be considered in a constructive and rational way and will jointly decide on the future increase of the salaries of teachers.

Given my experience and my relations as Minister of Education and Science with my partners, such as SONK, I think we will continue in a constructive way in the coming period. We will review all the parameters in a constructive, rational way, look at all the data, and jointly decide on the urgent pay rise in the education sector. But, of course, this should also be reviewed by the government, Ademi said on Tuesday.

In the Government, as he emphasized, there is a will to increase the salaries, which was personally conveyed by the Prime Minister to the representatives of SONK. Minister Ademi announced that they would continue with, as he said, our constructive and solid dialogue that we have with SONK and with the teaching staff and with all employees in education to improve the material status of the employees.