The coalition with the SDSM operates normally. My relations with SDSM leader Zoran Zaev and other party structures are stable and good, DUI President Ali Ahmeti said on Thursday.

Commenting on Muhamet Zekiri’s statement, Ahmeti said the MP was not a legitimate representative of SDSM’s policies.

There may be differences on different issues in principle. But, in essence, things are going the right way, said the DUI leader.

He says there are no negotiations with any party in the Macedonian bloc before the election.

In the future we will see, we will build our strategy on how we organize ourselves for the April 12 elections. The coalition with SDSM has not been discussed. But in principle I have stated my position, which represents the opinion of the party, that it is not best for DUI or SDSM to enter a pre-election coalition, as we are in specific circumstances, not in the circumstances we have been through before in the local elections, Ahmeti said.