Zaev should be prime minister because he has major matters to resolve. The hopes are that we will get a date on December 14, and the first intergovernmental conference will be held by March, with which Macedonia and Albania will start accession negotiations with the European Union, a senior DUI official told “Sloboden pecat”.

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti does not allow Zoran Zaev to resign from the post of Prime Minister, at least not until March next year, a senior DUI official told “Sloboden Pecat”.

Zaev, on the other hand, who left the leadership position in SDSM, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations with Alternative for joining the government  and the European summit in Brussels, is determined to activate his resignation as Prime Minister in December, claims a senior official from the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to the extremely opposing moods of Zaev and Ahmeti there is still a period of talks between them, as government partners, about the timing for effectuating the resignation of the Prime Minister.