Following the Boki 13 arrest and Katica Janeva’s resignation on Monday, the Special Prosecutor hasn’t been seen in public. Even as her former colleagues at the SPO office publicly denounced her, with Lile Stefanova washing her hands and reminding the shocked journalists that “I never signed anything”, Katica Janeva failed to give a press statement to defend herself.

This prompted a Twitter hashtag #КајЕКатица – “where is Katica?” – with people posting pictures from exotic locations across the world, asking where did the Special Prosecutor go? Journalists were camping in front of the SPO office yesterday, and today the institution confirmed that she hasn’t come to work this week.

VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki, who faced persecution by Janeva and is now part of the negotiations on the fate of the SPO office, believes that Janeva is aware that instead of wondering where she is, the public should be asking, why hasn’t she been detained yet.

This “prosecutor in charge of racketeering and extortion”, should know that the Criminal Code allows detention for suspects about whom there is grounded fear that they will hide, falsify or destroy the evidence of their criminal act, or will influence the witnesses, forensics experts or accomplices. Instead of giving a public statement, Janeva should give a statement where it counts – in front of an investigative judge and the public prosecutor, Milososki said.

Janeva is suspected of using two intermediaries to extort 1.5 million EUR from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, on the promise that the money lanudering charges against Kamcev will be dropped.