The controversial head of the Islamic Community in Macedonia (IVZ), Sulejman Rexhepi, stayed out of the reception held by the Commission for inter-religious relations, that was held to honor the World day for cultural diversity and dialogue.

Rexhepi is angry at the Commission and its head Darijan Sotirovski over the attempt to have him removed from office in between the two rounds of the presidential elections.

Other religious leaders attended the reception, as did Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who is believed to have helped the attempted coup in the IVZ. Police was sent to remove Rexhepi, who is known for a series of nationalist and hateful comments aimed at Christian Macedonians. He also warned Zaev that he will not support the election of his candidate Stevo Pendarovski as President, which is believed to have prompted the court order and police raid to remove him.

The matter was quietly drooped in a matter of days, Rexhepi remained in office, and in the second round of the elections Pendarovski won owing largely to the votes of the Muslim Albanian voters in Macedonia.