Citizens generally respect the restriction measure and show a high level of conscience, although there have been some deviations, Interior Minister Nake Culev told TV Sitel on Thursday.

He informed that in the past five days 300 people have failed to comply with the measure and have been sanctioned or warned.

He said that on the territory of Skopje, there have been cases of the curfew being violated in the Skopje municipality of Suto Orizari, where police presence is heightened, and Skopje is followed by the Strumica region in terms of curfew violation.

The Ministry of Interior implements this measure restricting the movement of citizens in two ways: through checkpoints (we have 156 checkpoints across the country) and these are on the main roads where the vehicles are moving, while elsewhere it is through mobile police patrols, says Culev.

At the moment, police are checking on some 1,500 isolation orders alongside 8,900 self-isolation statements.

Police are also patrolling state-ordered quarantines. Currently, there are seven facilities in the country where nearly 350 Macedonian nationals are accommodated for a 14-day mandatory quarantine after arriving from abroad, Culev said.