Interior Minister Nake Culev said that the Spasovski Government will be held responsible for any violations of public order and safety after it ordered that nearly 90 of Culev’s appointment to the Ministry are rescinded.

Under the 100 days rule, Culev has the right to promote or replace a number of officials in the Ministry, in order to have effective control of the deeply politicized police force that was abused by the previous Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, who is now interim Prime Minister. The 89 appointments he made last week follow after Culev appointed 15 department chiefs, a move which also faced resistance but was eventually implemented as the law provides. But yesterday the Government ordered that all of Culev’s appointments are invalid.

With his decision, Oliver Spasovski and the Government brutally interfere in the workings of the Interior Ministry and violate its independence. The Government puts itself above the law. The Government has the right to rescind unconstitutional decisions made by a Minister, but in this case my orders are perfectly in line with the Constitution. Oliver Spasovski was named the Prime Minister of a Government whose task is to organize orderly elections. With his move, he creates chaos and complete dysfunction in the Interior Ministry, Culev said.

He informed the public that he ordered all Ministry officials to act only in accordance with the law, and warned them they will face criminal charges if they violate the law.

I ask Oliver Spasovski if he will assume political responsibility if the decision he made yesterday has implications for our security and endangers the safety of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, Culev added.