The State Election Commission (SEC) President Oliver Derkoski handed over Saturday the certificates to the MPs elected at the July 15 early parliamentary elections. MPs of Levica, DPA and Alliance for Albanians failed to appear at the State Election Commission to receive their certificates.

The certificates were presented to the authorized representatives of the coalitions and political parties that won MP seats.

DUI’s authorized representative Fitin Loga who picked up the certificates for their party, wished the MPS successful work underlining that election process went smoothly.

Branko Georgievski, authorized representative of SDSM-led coalition “We Can,” who was presented with MPs certificates, thanked all those who participated in this election process.

Derkoski presented MPs’ certificates to VMRO DPMNE-led “Renewal for Macedonia” coalition to one representative from each electoral district, and wished them success.

The party secretary-general Igor Janusev who obtained the rest of the certificates, thanking everyone who voted for VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition said that despite all the election irregularities, especially during the campaign, the opposition parties still succeeded to win more votes than the ruling party.