After the three-hour session of the DUI central board, the party leadership authorized the leader Ahmeti to make decisions alone, said party spokesman Bujar Osmani.

The members of the central board discussed the interests of the citizens and the interests of the state. They agreed that the continuation of the Euro-Atlantic course of the country is non-alternative and that it is necessary to make every effort in order to guarantee the Euro-Atlantic course of the country, because there is no alternative, and to continue with the realization of important infrastructure projects that have been started, and are important for a better standard and a better life of the citizens. The central board unanimously authorized president Ahmeti to continue talks with all political parties as an important and decisive factor after the parliamentary and local elections in order to maintain this progressive path and the Euro-Atlantic course of the country, while talking to all political parties with both blocs except those who are against this Euro-Atlantic course, against the strategic interests of the citizens and the state, said Bujar Osmani.

He stressed that with the authority he has from the central board, Ahmeti continues to talk with representatives of other parties in order to maintain political stability.