The Expres news site announced that it will publish the plan for reorganizing the Philological Faculty in Skopje, that would have dismantled its central department of Macedonian language and literature. Professors from the university made the announcement that they were given this shocking proposal and the head of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts Ljupco Kocarev strongly condemned the Government and Education Minister Mila Carovska for the plan, which fits with other moves by the Zaev regime to weaken Macedonian national identity.

But as the plan was not leaked to the public, media outlets close to Zaev’s SDSM party fired back and accused Kocarev of spreading fake news, insisting that there were no such plans.

Expres today published the number under which the document was registered and announced it will publish it in full. The news site says that the plan is fully in line with what Kocarev and the concerned professors said, and that his critics will owe an apology to Kocarev once they see it in full. Zaev and Carovska are already “reforming” elementary education by way of abolishing history as a stand-alone class – again in line with demands from countries like Bulgaria and Greece that Macedonia changes its historic narrative and dilutes the Macedonian national identity.