The trial in the 2012 Good Friday massacre resumes today at the Skopje courthouse. It’s the first hearing after the bombshell testimony by former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev two weeks ago, in which Zaev confessed that he lied that he has additional information that would shed a new light on the case.

Ethnic Albanian Islamists killed four ethnic Macedonian youngsters on the eve of Good Friday in 2012, and shot dead another man to cover up the massacre. Two of the killers fled to Kosovo, while the third was detained, along with a group of accomplices and all were sentenced to life in prison. Zaev kept spreading conspiracy theories about the case throughout his 2015/16 Colored Revolution propaganda campaign and prosecutors loyal to him had the group released for a re-trial shortly after Zaev grabbed power. Zaev’s actions helped him win over Albanian voters who believed his reckless conspiracy theories, and he defied the desperate pleas from the families of the killed boys to reveal the evidence he claimed he has until earlier this month, when he acknowledged that he actually never had anything to offer in the case.