There are no newly registered coronavirus cases in the municipality of Gostivar. The total number of infected to date remains five. A new case was registered in the neighboring municipality of Vrapciste. Thus, in this Polog municipality there are three people who tested positive for Covid- 19.

This morning, the crisis management headquarters for the three Gostivar municipalities was informed by the Public Health Institute about the situation, and it was confirmed by Mayor Arben Taravari. It stated that a resident of the village of Negotino in the Polog region tested positive for Covid-19. So far there is no information about his health condition and what symptoms he had developed.

According to the latest statistics, a total of 153 people have been tested in Gostivar, nine of which tested positive. Among them are three health workers and one citizen, three people from the municipality of Vrapciste, one from Strumica who was in state quarantine in Mavrovo. A medical technician who tested positive in the first test and then tested negative in the second one.