The Public Prosecutor should start an investigation on Artan Grubi because he received the “borrowed” Audi A6 – incinerated last week – only eight days after the company that owns the vehicle bought a hotel on Popova Shapka ski resort for an extremely low price, VMRO-DPMNE reacts on Friday.

“Grubi’s excuses that the Audi was borrowed from a friend are ridiculous. Does he really thinks that anyone would believe that a person would invest €80,000, just to give the vehicle to a friend!? Or, perhaps, Grubi returned in kind, with some favor? Grubi insults the people’s intelligence but also ridicules the institutions, especially the Public Prosecutor, which do not dare to start an investigation against him. The suspicion is obvious since the company that owns the Audi A6 bought a hotel of 30 rooms in the ski resort of Popova Shapka for a mere €55,000. The construction company that sold the hotel won a highway construction tender worth millions of euros. The crime is obvious even to school children, so why does the Public Prosecutor remain silent?”,  VMRO-DPMNE asks.