The Smilkovsko Lake massacre, the death of the journalist Nikola Mladenov, the little Tamara from Veles, the murder of Martin Janusev… These are just some of the tragedies that Zoran Zaev abused in the election campaign, when he did not spare people or insidious means to get in office.

Today, it is clear that Zaev only abused the pain and played with the feelings and lives of the family, friends and those involved in these tragedies.

Mladenov’s wife revealed that his death was an accident, the trial of little Tamara revealed many things that were not intentionally revealed to the public at the time, Martin’s killer was released during Zaev’s rule.

In the “Monster” case, however, he appeared without a shred of shame before the parents of the victims, to whom he promised justice, when justice had already been decided.