A 66 year old patient from Ohrid died of Covid-19, bringing the total death toll of the epidemic to 530, the Healthcare Ministry said in its daily report.

The number of active cases that has been slightly declining over the past weeks is now at 3,200, with Skopje (1,057) and Stip (342) worst affected. There were 1,627 tests conducted over the past 24 hours, showing 139 new cases. Of them, Skopje had 30, Kumanovo 20 and Stip 15.

The two main clinics in Skopje which treat the most serious cases admitted 16 new patients, and now hold a total of 149. Of them, six are on mechanical ventilation and 27 are receiving supplemental oxygen. Other hospitals like Kozle in Skopje, the regional centers in Stip and Bitola and the general hospitals across the country treat over 200 additional patients, including four children.