We should not waste time in the constitutional amendment process, because my fear is that if we don’t get to November with completed changes to the Constitution, the negotiations will stop and we will lose the moment, and losing the moment is one of the worst things that can happen to you on the European road and I am afraid that we will enter a kind of “Montenegro scenario”, after which it will be very difficult to return, with all the implications internally and externally on the image of the country, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani at today’s press briefing.

Until now, there have been informal coordinations, which I called consultations through corridors, in the Parliament, at various meetings, etc. I believe that this year should already start with a formal set of consultations and public debates. Public debates in which politicians will be included, non-governmental organizations, experts, journalists, and the public will also be included, in order to discuss what are the arguments against and for constitutional amendments, said Osmani.

He believes that a distinction should be made between the essence of the problem, which is whether the constitutional amendments are problematic, and the party’s political interest in the constitutional amendments.

For now, they are mixed and it is not possible to make a distinction, where is the interest of the state, and where is the interest of the party, and that upsets people, because they do not know if the attitude of a certain politician is because he wants elections and wants to be in power or because the constitutional amendments are risky for the state and the people. It is important to distinguish where the party’s interest begins and where the state’s interest ends, emphasized Osmani.