VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki announced that he will initiate a Parliament debate about the collapse of the Eurostandard Bank, which caused over 60 million EUR in damages. Bank owner Trifun Kostovski is openly accusing the ruling SDSM party of destroying his bank in order to divide credits to companies close to its officials – credits that will not be paid back.

In a Facebook comment, Milososki likened the situation to the TAT pyramidal scheme in the late 1990-ies, when a similar sum was extracted from over 13,000 citizens, most of them from Bitola, the money divided between SDSM officials and the TAT bank destroyed.

Is Eurostandard the second TAT scandal? Which companies received millions in credits? Are they close to the ruling family? How many Government officials knew about the impending collapse of the bank? Soon the Parliament will discuss this issue and the violations of the law will be revealed, Milososki said.