President Stevo Pendarovski met Monday with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) president Marko Bislimoski and discussed the stability of the Macedonian power system, the challenges ahead of us and the decree adopted by the government on declaring a state of energy crisis.

At the meeting, as the Office of President Pendarovski informed, Bislimoski briefed the President about the activities undertaken and the planned measures in the future, the capacities of domestic production, as well as the rights and obligations of licensees to perform energy activities.

It is necessary to take all measures in order to successfully deal with the challenges posed by the global energy crisis, rehabilitation of the energy sector and market needs, as well as cooperation between state institutions and companies in the energy sector, said President Pendarovski at a meeting with Bislimoski.

The decision to declare a state of crisis, according to the President, is necessary in order to more effectively implement the measures and address the challenges of the energy crisis.