The private bus companies are protesting since this morning by completely blocking the crossroads near Mavrovka, i.e. the “Goce Delcev” boulevard and the “Krste Petkov Misirkov” boulevard.

As the “Sloboda Prevoz” private bus company announced, the blocking will be carried out with more than 30 buses and more than 300 people.

The possibility is not excluded and the information is not confirmed whether individual companies will block the exits, that is, the entrances of JSP-Skopje. Also, the duration of the protest has not been determined and it is planned to last until the demands are met, which if not resolved quickly in the coming days, will spread to other parts of the roads in Skopje, “Sloboda Prevoz” pointed out.

Within the scope of its activities to solve the current problem, “Sloboda Prevoz” is set to hold a meeting with the Board of JSP. Also, representatives of “Sloboda Prevoz” will attend the session of the Council of the City of Skopje.