Rift in SDS, two factions cannot agree on the position of head of internal control in NSA, says VMRO-DPMNE.

The outgoing director of the NSA, Viktor Dimovski, submitted to the Committee that supervises the operation of the services in the Parliament a proposal for the head of internal control in the NSA, as according to the law of the institution, the Committee should verify and the appointed head has a mandate of 6 years. MPs from SDS and DUI, who are the majority in the Committee, did not attend the session. That is, they boycott its holding. This is the first time that the government has boycotted itself. This is proof that the top of the SDS does not agree with the proposal of Viktor Dimovski. A silent war is being waged in SDS between two factions for supremacy in NSA. Kovacevski wants to establish complete control, but apparently, he is getting resistance from the inside. The citizens suffer the damage from the quarrels in the SDS, which are conducted through the institutions, reads the party’s press release.