The coalition between SDSM and  Levica (Left) in Bitola Municipality only corroborates their collaboration that began in the City of Skopje, VMRO-DPMNE emphasizes.

They ask if the their current collaboration extends to the voting on the constitutional amendments?

“Did SDS and DUI start a partnership with Apasiev’s party and who is holding whom captive now? The SDS/DUI/Levica coalition in Bitola only points out to the kind of unprincipled individuals they are. They can’t deal with the successes of the local authorities in Bitola, so they began blocking and obstructing. This is coalition with Levica that is prepared to do anything, including the constitutional amendments, just to gain some personal benefits. Well the voters can see this, and they will punish them at the next elections”, VMRO-DPMNE’s statement reads.