Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) president Jakim Nedelkov said Tuesday he spoke with Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri earlier in the day but they did not come to an agreement that might lead to ending the strike in schools and kindergartens.

Unfortunately not. The conversation was in the direction of giving in to the firm “no” and in the direction of finding another percentage so that we in the membership can ask for the strike to be put on hold or to be stopped. The Minister says: That is it and we cannot add even one percentage. Of course, the Government should also discuss the other requests that we have submitted in writing to the ministry, and that is the harmonization of salaries in accordance with the Collective Agreement for the next two years, to plan the budget for 2023 and 2024, signing collective agreements which will regulate some issues. So, this is not only a stumbling block, but we have other things as well, Nedelkov told MIA.