Tatjana Miljovska’s solo exhibition “The Eternal Feminine (Shakti)” delves into patriarchy and religion as the underlying factors behind women’s inequality. Hosted at the Jadro Cultural Center, the showcase, starting at 8 pm, highlights the eternal feminine as a symbol of wisdom and spiritual strength, countering patriarchal views that often perceive traits like compassion and empathy as weaknesses.

Miljovska aims to reevaluate and revalue these virtues, urging a reconnection with neglected aspects of the eternal feminine. Her paintings from the series, created between 2014 and 2015, spotlight themes of nature, beauty, global concern, and generational responsibility through radical ecological perspectives such as ecofeminism and deep ecology.

Miljovska, born in Bitola in 1966, holds advanced degrees in Painting and Cultural Studies. Her extensive career includes various solo exhibitions and numerous written works on art, ecology, spirituality, and local political issues. She has actively contributed to international scholarly conferences and recently published papers on environmental aesthetics and the ethical imperative for united action to safeguard the planet and society.