Artan Grubi got mired up to his neck in the scandal with the incinerated vehicle. The criminal act provoked suspicions of the crime of concealing property. The tales about a favorite brand, a  vehicle borrowed from a friend who is in business since he was five years old, and other absurdities like that,  are rejected even by the DUI members, VMRO-DPMNE comments on the latest affair related to Vice-PM Grubi.

“Even his closest associates corroborated the fact that the vehicle belonged to Grubi and if he has a problem with that perception, he should clear it out with his co-workers first. The public wants to know how can a high governmental official drive a vehicle that doesn’t belong to him. Isn’t it a little bit suspicious that the vehicle belongs to a bankrupt company that somehow managed to buy a hotel from a construction company, which won a lucrative tender for highway section construction just days after the hotel deal was concluded?”, VMRO-DPMNE asks.