It is very interesting that Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi are fiercely defending “the previous leadership of VMRO-DPMNE” from the current one. The “greens”, the false EU front are,  in fact, nothing but a criminal gang that will soon face justice. They will have to all the citizens – Macedonians, Albanians, and others – why there s no rule of law, but only party orders to the courts and to the prosecution, VMRO-DPMNE responds to Grubi’s explanation about his hyperexpensive sneakers.

Grubi was photographed wearing €450 sneakers, which is almost an average salary in Macedonia. In his defense, Grubi said that he bought them at a discount, fiercely attacking VMRO-DPMNE for reaching new laws by spreading such information and that they have forsaken the previous leadership,  “which achieved a lot”, while Gruevski (the ex-leader) had four times bigger rating than the current leader Mickoski.

“Why did the modular hospital in Tetovo burn to the ground, taking innocent human lives?” VMRO-DPMNE asks. “Why did Durmo Tours and Besa Tours happen (heavy bus accidents with many casualties}, because of the unfunctional system? Why don’t the students have no textbooks, and probably there will be no diplomas for them, too? Why did the health system collapse – people are dying in the hospital’s corridors, and so much more… Ali Ahmeti and Artan Grubi should continue defending the previous VMRO-DPMNE leadership from the current one. As for the rating, there is only one way to find the truth, and that is elections because only cowards hide behind demagogy. We will just remind them about the last local elections and the results they achieved in Tetovo and Gostivar”, reads the party statement.